Brief History...

For millions of years hunting in nature has been an essential part of life. Though man does not rely on hunting as heavily as they once did due to the domestication of animals, it still plays a large role in many peoples lives. Not only is it a source of food and income for many many people, it is an important method of conservation and chance to connect with nature in a very intimate way.


I started hunting at a very young age using a .22 caliber rifle. As I grew older, I upgraded to higher calibers and gained much experience hunting on my father's farm in Limpopo. By age 16 I was guiding friends of my fathers on hunts at the farm and decided to take it to a professional level in 2001.

My grandfather S J P Kruger
Buffalo hunting in the 1950's

I come from a long line of hunters, farmers, and conservationists. My ancestor from 7 generations before me, Paul Kruger (president of the Boer Republic, ZAR from 1882-1900) after whom the world renowned Kruger Park was named, was himself an avid hunter. Hunting has been in my family for many years, along with the traditions, ethics, and love of nature that has been passed down from parents to sons (and daughters!). I plan to pass this knowledge to my daughter and son as well, because some traditions are worth preserving.