SD Kruger Safaris is based in the Limpopo province of South Africa.   While most of our hunting is done in this area on concessions bordering the Kruger National Park, we are able to hunt all over the country and in neighboring countries for animals not commonly found in our region.

We specialize in traditional African hunting. This basically refers to the use of trackers and a "walk and stalk" method for finding and approaching game. Often we may find a heavy traffic area where we notice a specific desired animal is moving. Here we can use an "ambush" approach and design a well hidden blind to surprise the game as they move through the area (a similar method is used when hunting nocturnal game). Lastly, and least commonly used, is "spot and stalk". This occurs when we spot and animal from the vehicle that is too nice to pass up. Once the animal has been spotted, we drive a ways away from the animal and see if we can stalk back to the animal undetected. I have found these three methods to be the most fair for the animals, and the most challenging and exciting for the hunter! 


When booking a safari, it is recommended (especially for first timers) to keep an open mind about the trophies you would like to hunt. We want to deliver the best hunting experience possible, and sometimes, rare or unique opportunities present themselves in ways you may never have the chance to experience again. Pay as you go is perfectly acceptable unless you plan on hunting an animal requiring a special permit. If however you do have a specific list, let us know so that we can acquire all necessary permits and begin designing your perfect hunt.


Hunting Packages

Giraffe, Kudu & Zebra- $6,500

1 x Hunter- 7 Days

1 x Giraffe

1 x Kudu

1 x Burchell's Zebra

Spirals- $6,000

1 x Hunter- 7 Days

1 x Kudu

1 x Nyala

1 x Bushbuck

Budget Hunter- $4200

1 x Hunter- 7 Days

1 x Burchell's Zebra

1 x Blue Wildebeest

1 x Warthog

1 x Impala


King's Hunt- $40,000

1 x Hunter- 10 Days

1 x Lion (Male)

1 x Sable

1 x Cape Buffalo


Packages Include:

Transportation to and from Airport (Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa)

Transportation Within Hunting Area


Daily Rates/Trophy Fees for Package Animals

Experienced PH, Trackers, Skinners

Field Preparation of Trophies

In-Camp Meals, Liquor, and Other Beverages

Delivery of Trophies to Local Taxidermist

All Hunting Licenses and Permits

Packages Exclude:

Transportation from O.R. Tambo International Airport


Accommodation Before and After Safari/Personal Expenses

Transportation Between Hunting Destinations

Renting of Rifles and Ammo

Taxidermy Work

Dip, Pack, Crating, and Shipment of Trophies


For additional prices and information, please refer to our Trophy Price List page 

Recommended Guns and Ammunition

Rifle for Plains Game

Calibers .270, 30-06, .300 win mag for the small to medium game

Calibers .338, .375H&H for the larger game

Scoped 3-9 x 40

With sling to make walking and carrying the rifle easier.

80 rounds of good quality soft point ammunition

Hard gun case

Soft gun case

Rifle for Big Game

Calibers .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .458 LOTT, .470 NE

Scoped 1.25-4.5 x 26 with detachable mounds.

With slingto make walking and carrying the rifle easier.

40 rounds of good quality soft point ammunition.

40 rounds of full metal jacket ammunition.

Hard gun case.

Soft gun case.

Recommended Hunting Days

SD Kruger Safaris recommends that each safari be given a minimum amount of days in order to maximize your success and satisfaction. These minimums allow the hunter to get the full experience and allow us to carefully select the best trophies possible.


Plains Game: minimum 7 days (10 days for more than 4 larger species)

Buffalo: minimum 10 days (sufficient to add additional species)

Lion: minimum 10 days (12 days for additional species)

Elephant: minimum 10 days (14 days for additional species)

Tipping Etiquette

Old dagga boy

It is very common for clients to ask how much to tip their PH and staff. We work extra hard to assure all of your needs are met and that you have a truly enjoyable and wonderful experience.


If you would like to add a tip, a Google search usually will point you in the right direction, but here is the common tipping rates that we have come to know:

PH: $60- $100 per day

Trackers/Skinners: $10 per day

Lodge/ Kitchen Staff: $5 per staff member per day

Keep in mind that tipping is obviously not expected  if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the quality of service, professionalism, food and beverage, trophy success/quality, or any other aspect of your safari. We want to earn any additional form of gratitude.

**Tips may be handed to the staff respectively or to the PH to divide